a little about me

Welcome to Stripes and Strollers! My name is Tina and I live in sunny Los Angeles with my husband and our two boys. Being a mama is my most favorite thing in the world by far and is also the main reason I started this blog of mine. Some fun facts about me: 


I am fluent in three languages: Armenian, German and English. I have a Bachelor's degree in Marketing and a Master's in Communication Studies. I own an embarrassing amount of striped shirts. Casual fashion soothes my soul. A good afternoon espresso makes me feel alive. I have a big sweet tooth that I can't let go of. A little bag obsessed (shrug). And I may have a tiny obsession with baby + toddler fashion (shrug again).


Follow along and lets navigate through the every day with an elevated, yet attainable and stylish take on parenthood, fashion, wellness, interior design, babies and much more.

E-mail: stripesandstrollers@gmail.com

Instagram: @stripesandstrollers